Why You Should Book A Private Makeup Lesson

JKo Beauty offers both private one-on-one lessons and group lessons.

There are advantages to both settings and both can be very informative and a lot of fun. Here's what to expect...

One-on-one lessons are just that and everything is customized just for you. We discuss in advance what you want to focus on and the session is dedicated to that focus. At your lesson, we will go over the brushes and makeup you already own. Often times I find that ladies simply do not know how to use what they already own. Or maybe you're just missing one brush or product to create the look you want. We will discuss what products and tools you should purchase and discard. You will have the opportunity to watch me apply to one side. While you apply the other side, I am able to give you pointers for easy application. Again, this lesson is completely customized to your areas of focus. Learn what is best for your features and personal style!

Group lessons are available for up to 6 participants. These can be so much fun! We can discuss in advance what the lesson should be focused on. Maybe you want something fun for your daughter and her friends. Maybe this is a girls night party and we make it all about current trends, tips for application and what to buy. It's completely up to you! 

All lessons are tailored to your specific concerns and desired look. Appointments start at 90 minute sessions and can be extended in 30 minute increments. My goal for your lesson is for you to feel more confident with your products, tools and application. No need to waste more time and money on products that just are not right for you!