Get the Glow

A true glow starts from within and is enhanced with a few quick tricks.  I want to break down and simplify the 5 steps to an everyday glow.  


Exercise is imperative to your inner and outer beauty.  First, exercise gets your blood flowing which boosts your glow.  Our skin is nourished by the capillaries located deep within its layers.  Exercising also causes sweating.  Sweating is our skin's way of naturally detoxifying.  Be sure to workout with a clean face to avoid clogged pores later.  We've all heard about the stress hormone, cortisol, it typically comes up when discussing unwanted weight around the waistline.  Well the bad news is that it hurts us in other ways too.  It accelerates the aging process and slows down the production of new skin growth.  Exercising regularly will help to relieve stress, which will counteract the effects of cortisol.  Guess what else regular exercise helps with, sleep.  Ahhh, something all of us seem to be searching for is a more restful night of sleep.  My last tip for exercise is to mix it up, keep your workouts fresh and challenging.  This will also challenge different muscles for overall improved body shaping. 

Let's move onto our diet.  Food is our fuel and in many ways it determines how our bodies function.  What we consume ultimately presents itself on our skin because it's our body's largest organ.  It is important to keep balance in your diet including healthy fats, fruits and vegetables and protein.  

30 Recommended Foods for Glowing Skin

Romaine Lettuce


Bell Peppers









Dark Chocolate 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Sweet Potatoes






Green Tea 



Coconut Oil and Water


Brown Rice





I often Google search recipes including a few of these foods.  Finding new recipes keeps healthy meals interesting.  When purchasing your foods, choose organic when possible and remember to always wash your fruits and veggies.  I think we all know what to avoid, but let's go there.  We must try to limit or avoid sugars and other simple carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice, dairy, fried foods, gluten, artificial sweeteners, soda, sugary drinks, alcohol and processed foods.  Limit your coffee and caffeine intake.  If you are going to drink coffee, it is best to drink it before 11am and enjoy it black.  Adding non-dairy milk, such as almond or coconut milk are both healthy options if you do not prefer black coffee.  Drink water throughout your day.  Adding lemon and/or mint is a common trick but try also drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning.  There is a very long list of benefits from this, including detoxifying and cleansing, revitalizing skin and boosting metabolism.  


Your attitude has much to do with your glow.  We already know how stress can rob us of our glow and so can negative thinking.  Keep your thoughts positive.  I know, easier said than done.  But it's up to us to reroute our thoughts and feelings to a more positive and healthy perspective.  Exercise and a healthy diet are proven to positively impact our mood, energy level and sleep patterns.  A grateful spirit and a heart of compassion also affect our attitude.  We have all heard it said before, someone, somewhere always is in a worse way.  Keep a reminder somewhere of what it is that you have to be grateful for.  No matter how big a problem may be, there is always something we can be thankful for.  Look to surround yourself with other positive thinking people.  If you are a spiritual person, prayer and meditation are both an enormous part of positivity and gratitude.  Compassion is key to relating to others, regardless of who they are to you.  Look for ways to help others.  There are endless ways we can be of support or help to others.  This is truly the most important step to getting a glow.  Nothing is more powerful or meaningful than the beauty of your inner glow.

Now onto the outer glow...


The first step in beautiful makeup is healthy, balanced skin.  Your makeup simply sits on top of your skin.  If your skin is in lackluster condition, your makeup will only accentuate that.  What we want is to enhance naturally glowing skin with properly chosen and applied makeup.  We want to keep certain variables in mind, such as climate, skin type, hormonal changes and fluctuations and seasonal changes.  I always say you should "listen to your skin."  Of course, your skin is not able to actually speak to you but you should learn to identify its needs.

Cleansing is often overlooked as the starting point in glowing skin.  If your cleanser is wrong, everything else that follows does not perform as intended.  Choose gentle cleansers for daily use and alternate deep cleansing or enzyme based cleansers as needed.  Micellar water is another great cleansing option.  It looks like water or toner but is a cleanser that is effective at also removing lighter makeup.  Having a squeaky-clean feeling after cleansing is actually a bad sign.  This is a sign that the cleanser has stripped your skin of its natural lipid and moisture barrier.  That will also remove your glow.  If you have an oily skin type, it will cause your skin to produce even more oil.  Long road we do not want to travel down!  

Exfoliation is the process that removes buildup of dry dead skin.  It is equally important to not over-exfoliate as it is to exfoliate.  Having the right balance will reveal fresh, smooth healthy skin.  Over doing it will, again, strip the surface layer of your skin.  A few good ingredients to look for are alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid and fruit or plant enzymes.  

Masks are used as needed, which is often 1-2 times a week.  Look for masks that are meant to give radiance or boost hydration.  I also recommend you adding eye masks to your weekly routine.  You may find some that you apply like eye cream and wear overnight.  They are also available as patches that you can wear while relaxing or even while you're doing your hair.  Perfect eye prep before makeup!

Serums are used prior to moisturizer and are highly concentrated with vitamins, antioxidants and other powerful ingredients.  This step seems extra but I can assure you, it definitely is not.  This is the most concentrated skin care step.  Serums not only create a noticeable difference in your skin's appearance but also protect it from future damage.

Retinoids should be worn at night.  The sun breaks it down and it will not be effective otherwise.  Long term use of retinoids improves acne and breakouts, prevent lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and discoloration. 

Moisturizing is necessary for all skin types.  It will plump your skin immediately and protect the skin barrier.  This balance is key in smooth makeup application as well.  Your makeup will not only go on easier but will it wear better throughout the day, all while enhancing your glow. 

Sunscreen is to be worn daily, even when it doesn't seem so sunny.  It will protect your skin from sun damage. Sun damage shows up as lines and wrinkles, loose or sagging skin, discoloration and uneven pigmentation...pretty much everything we are trying to prevent with our skin care.  So, seal the deal and wear your sunscreen!  

I personally love to to mist a hydrating, soothing spray on my face later in the day.  My favorite go-to is Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater.


The part we've all been waiting tips and tricks to getting a glow.

Step 1) Even out skin tone with foundation or tinted moisturizer.  You can add a touch of a highlighting serum or lotion to this step.  On the back of your clean hand, mix a touch of your highlighter with your desired amount of foundation or tinted moisturizer.  Apply evenly to complexion, focusing where more coverage is needed.  Go back to any uncovered areas with concealer.  To boost your glow, apply a touch more of your highlighter to the very top of your cheekbones.  Blend outward towards your hairline.  

Step 2) Apply cream blush.  Pat and blend sparingly on the apples of the cheeks.  Cream blush is often overlooked.  It not only helps your cheek color last longer, it also creates that "from within" touch of color.

Step 3) Set your makeup with a setting powder.  If you are oily, apply all over.  For drier skins, apply sparingly and only where needed.  

Step 4) Apply a highlighting powder strategically. Apply to high points of your cheekbones (avoiding any lines and wrinkles,) inner corners of your eyes and cupid's bow above your mouth.  Don't get carried away, our goal is not to look like the Tin Man!  When choosing a finish, look for a  fine shimmer, we are not looking for anything chunky or glittery.  Chunky or glittery are fun for special nights out, but not for a daily glow.  As for choosing a shade, light skin tones should look for pearlescent, silvery/cool or champagne shades.  Medium to olive skin tones should look for warmer more golden or peach shades.  Darker skin tones should choose more warm, rose gold or bronze shades.  

Step 5) You may apply bronzer to boost your overall glow and warmth.  Remember that a bronzer may be matte or radiant.  I like to base my choice on my overall desired look and time of day.  For instance, if I am creating a glowing, bronzy look I will choose a bronzer with a very subtle glow or shimmer.  However if I am creating a dramatic look for a night out, I will reach for a bronzer with more radiance.  In this case, I am sure to keep my foundation matte and set everything with powder.  If I am just wearing a simple daytime look, I am going to choose the matte bronzer.  Always remember that sunlight will accentuate products that shine.  

Step 6) Hydrating mist is the last and optional step to makeup glow.  Use this mist if you feel your look needs to be softened.  If you are very dry and you feel you need that extra step of moisture, mist and lock it all in.

I hope you have not only picked up a few fun and easy tips to getting a radiant glow but also feel encouraged to try something new for a healthy inner glow.  

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