How to Prep for Your Spray Tan

Whether getting a spray tan or applying self tanner yourself at home, these tips will help prepare you for a longer lasting, more even tan.

Before Your Tan

  • For hair removal, shave the day before and wax 48 hours prior to your tan.
  • The previous night, apply a body moisturizer all over my maximum hydration.
  • Exfoliate to remove any dead skin for a more even color.
  • Be sure to have completely clean skin, no perfumes, deodorant, makeup or lotions.
  • Apply lip balm to prevent color to lips.
  • Schedule your manicure or pedicure before your tanning session.

After Your Tan

  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothes.
  • Do not get wet or sweaty.  Sorry, no swimming or gym time until after you've showered.
  • Allow your tan to develop as directed.  It is not recommended to exceed the time instructed.
  • Use daily moisturizer or a tan extender lotion for a longer lasting tan.
  • Avoid harsh soaps and body scrubs.
  • After showering, pat dry with your towel.

Happy Safe Tanning!

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