Style Me Pretty Featured Wedding

Laura & John

This is a couple I hold an extra special place for in my heart.  I first met Laura in 2010.  At the time, I was living and working in NYC.  Laura was so sweet...and so pretty!  I became the makeup artist that Laura would turn to when she wanted something new or different.  We had so much fun working together!  Over time and many fun makeup sessions, we got to know one another better and better.  And let me tell you, Laura is an absolute sweetheart and she has such a kind, compassionate spirit.  We would talk about work, family, fashion, makeup...all good things.  I remember when she first starting seeing John.  She just lit up talking about him.  So you have to imagine when she reached out to me when they got engaged, I was beyond happy for them.  She also asked me at that time if I would be able to do her makeup for their wedding day.  Words can not express how I feel when something like this happens.  I am always honored to be the person a bride chooses to be her wedding day makeup artist.  Then every so often, it's for a bride that you have known since before the groom and know how perfect they are for one another.  Truly, this was a very special day to me as well.  Each time I watch their video, I cry tears of joy.  Their video captures so much love and joy within their families.  You can see from their photos what a beautiful couple they are and what a gorgeous wedding they had.  What an honor to be a small part in their very special Wedding Day!  

Photo Credits: Bia Sampaio Photography

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