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Minimal Makeup vs. Natural Makeup

I often have the conversation of minimal makeup versus natural makeup. When I work with ladies who do not wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, this is especially important. Let me explain...

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Minimal Makeup is simple and fast. Minimal Makeup is most likely what you wear for light enhancing or for a quick pick-me-up. It doesn't have to be natural, it can actually be quite dramatic. An example of minimal and natural makeup is tinted moisturizer, blush or bronzer, mascara and a soft lip color. This will take you just a few short minutes. Or you could apply a full coverage foundation, setting powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara and a bold lip color, a total of 6 products, to create a dramatic look in about 5 minutes. 

Natural Makeup is meant to enhance natural beauty. It is choosing shades and textures that enhance your eye color, complexion products applied to look flawless but feel and look like your skin. It can be a bronzer that simply adds a touch of warmth, like a kiss from the sun...not a week in the tropics. Tricks like using lip liner and lipstick along with a lip gloss can ultimately make for a natural look that maximizes and enhances your lips and smile. 


One reason understanding this is so very important with bridal makeup is the overall wear of your look. Taking the time to properly prep your skin and layer the right products are key to your makeup staying in place throughout your big day. For your wedding day, if you want a natural look it is not a minimal makeup look. I believe in wearing a look, whether natural or dramatic that is enhancing to your natural and unique beauty and style on your wedding day. 

Before & After Makeup Photos

As a makeup artist specializing in bridal makeup, I believe in bringing out the individuality and natural beauty of every bride. Makeup is used for enhancing and bringing out features as well as for concealing, correcting and minimizing. It can be transformative and can be used as a form of creative expression. There are endless possibilities. It's no wonder we are so intrigued by photos of celebrities without makeup as well as before and after photos. 

Here are a few ladies I had the pleasure of working with and their before and after makeup photos. These ladies are beautiful inside and out, doing their makeup was so much fun! The look that I did for each of these ladies was something more an everyday, wearable style. I have not done any kind of editing or used any filters for these photos. These ladies attended a baby shower immediately after our makeup session. Their makeup was done for the occasion and to be worn throughout the day with friends and family. As you can see, these ladies photographed beautifully and they looked fresh and flawless in person. Yet they still looked soft and pretty for a baby shower. It is very important to consider different factors such as lighting, occasion, photography and more when choosing a makeup look. 

* I did makeup only for the ladies. 



How amazing does Dana look?! This is just a short couple of weeks before her little one arrived! 

How amazing does Dana look?! This is just a short couple of weeks before her little one arrived! 



Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding Day

You have probably heard both good and bad experiences about airbrush makeup. Maybe you really aren't even sure what it is exactly or why you may want it for your wedding day makeup. So here's a simple breakdown...

Airbrush makeup is applied with an airbrush gun and a compressor and is essentially a super fine mist of makeup. 

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One of the advantages of airbrush makeup is the lightweight feeling on the skin. When done correctly, airbrush makeup creates a flawless yet natural looking complexion. It can be especially helpful in covering blemishes and areas needing extra coverage. It photographs beautifully as well. 

Airbrush makeup is available in formulas that are long-wearing, water-proof, transfer-resistant and smudge-proof...perfect for your wedding day.  

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For your wedding day, you may also choose to have body makeup or tattoo coverage. Airbrush is a great choice for either services. 

Please do keep in mind that just like traditional makeup, airbrush makeup is available in many formulas and finishes. Also just the same as with traditional makeup, your overall experience with airbrush makeup is subject to the expertise of your makeup artist.