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Packing Getaway Beauty Essentials

How many times have you traveled and packed WAY too know, just in case? I have given this much thought as I am preparing for 11 days on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Our honeymoon is finally approaching and I have no interest in the complications of overpacking! Here are some tips to keeping your travel beauty case simple and light...

Before leaving, treat yourself to a few professional beauty treatments. Schedule a body waxing and brow shaping appointment 2-5 days prior to your trip. Next up, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the day before leaving. Consider your destination and planned wardrobe when choosing your nail shade. Last but not least, schedule a spray tan or apply self tanner for a touch of extra color. If you are traveling to a warmer climate during the winter months, you'll especially be glad you have that extra bit of color. 

Remember, the idea is to minimize and simplify your beauty case.  

Skin Care

Always pack your facial sunscreen, a gentle cleanser, a travel size pack of makeup wipes, moisturizer and lip balm. Check with your regular beauty salesperson, often times there are samples of skin care that you may take instead of your full size products.


Think multi-use here. NARS makes The Multiple sticks in a variety of colors, take one or two for lips, cheeks and eyes. A good tinted moisturizer and a foundation powder compact are must haves. Finish with mascara, eyeliner and your favorite lipstick. The only two brushes you really need to pack are powder and eyeliner brushes.


Hotels always have hairdryers, but take your flatiron. You can smooth, straighten and curl with it. Bring a few hair ties to pull your hair back when you want. As for product, take a travel size of your favorite styling product, heat protectant, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. It's easy to find travel sizes available for purchase. I also like to pick up leak-proof containers from The Container Store.


Pack a travel size deodorant, if you want. But seriously, you can pick up deodorant and body sunblock wherever you are traveling to. Hotels typically supply body wash and body lotion. The one thing I think you should not leave without is your favorite perfume. If you don't already have a purse-size spray or refillable atomizer, ask your regular fragrance specialist to give you a few samples for the trip.

Lastly, don't forget your sunglasses and hat, especially if you're heading somewhere with lots of sunshine.

Bon Voyage!