false lashes

The Truth About False Lashes On Your Wedding Day

Should you were false lashes for your wedding day? Absolutely, YES! And so should everyone else in your bridal party. Here's why... 


False lashes photograph beautifully without having a heavy or clumpy look that just wearing more mascara unfortunately may have. They also add immediate glamour to your look. But not to worry, you may choose from a variety of styles to enhance your makeup style. Applied properly, false lashes can easily enhance the shape and size of your eyes. No matter what your natural lashes are like, there is an option that will beautifully enhance your look. Individual lashes or lash clusters are commonly used for a more natural look. Strip lashes are often used for a more dramatic effect. However, there are strip lash options available that can be very natural looking. Don't be surprised...you'll want to wear them for all of your special occasions!