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Getting Rid of Hair Static

Have you ever noticed how much worse hair static is during the winter months?  One of the main causes of static is dehydration. In the winter, the air lacks moisture and the heating systems make it even drier. Here are some tips to getting rid of the hair static. 

1) Regular conditioning treatments and a lightweight hair oil can help to replenish and maintain moisture in your strands. Try not to wash your hair too often, this also can be very drying. 

2) Try using an ionic hairdryer. It will not only help control static but also dry your hair faster and create less heat damage. 

3) Spray your hair with hairspray. This will help hold your style and control the static. 

4) You can use dryer sheets to calm your hair. You can even rub the dryer sheet on your pillowcase before going to bed. Try also wrapping your brush or comb in a dryer sheet as well. These may also be used while on the go for a quick fix.

5) Try to avoid plastic combs and brushes. 

6) Use a humidifier while sleeping. This will put moisture back into the air, helping your hair and skin.

7) In a pinch, you can always use a touch of water. Wet your hands and gently apply to your hair. 

Happy (Static-Free) Hairstyling!


Why You Need a Color-Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner

Let's be honest, most of us have some kind of color treatment done to our hair. But even if you do not, this still applies to you! Here's why...

Your hair color is effected by many factors, hard water, salt water, chlorine from swimming pools, heat styling, the sun... All of these cause fading, brassiness, dullness and even tinting your hair green (chlorine!) 

There are two ways to go about choosing the appropriate color-depositing products. Are you looking to add color or balance / correct color.

Adding color, for example, would be ideal for a redhead. Red haircolor fades the fastest. Using red-depositing products adds vibrancy and depth back to your hair. 

Color balancing or correcting is most common. Remember when you'd see grandmothers with lavender hair? Well grandma was on to something. As her hair was turning white or grey, it was also beginning to yellow. Using a purple shampoo or conditioner can cancel the yellow and brighten not only white and grey hair but also blonde. (If you overuse, this could lead to that lavender tint...maybe you like that?) Maybe you've had beautiful ombre or balayage color. Well if your ends are now brassy or orange, try a blue color-depositing shampoo and conditioner. This will cancel the orange and you'll regain those honey or beige ends again.

Dry Shampoo...Should You Be Using It?

I was recently asked these two questions. It made me think about the number of times other women have asked similar questions about dry shampoo. So here is the breakdown and yes, you absolutely should be using it!

Let's start with the fact that dry shampoo has been around for centuries. Dry shampoo absorbs oils and odors from hair. It can be found in the form of loose powder, a liquid that comes from a pump dispenser or an aerosol spray. It's a super easy and quick way to freshen up your hairstyle. Apply it sparingly to the roots of your hair. If you are using a spray formula, spray at least 6 inches away from your roots. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, this allows the dry shampoo to absorb excess oils. Finally, brush through your hair and style. It's really that simple!

There are several good reasons to use dry shampoo. 

1) To avoid over-washing your hair, which drys out your hair and strips your color.

2) It refreshes your hair after the gym or before a night out.

3) It adds volume to your hairstyle.

4) Dry shampoo extends the life of your blowout.

5) It prevents hair damage since you'll be doing less heat styling.

6) Use it to add texture to hairstyling, such as with backcombing your hair.

7) Many formulas have added color and may be used to help conceal roots between color touch-ups. For blondes or platinum hair colors, white or regular dry shampoo will also help blend or soften darker regrowth. 

JKo Beauty's Picks

  • Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk is my Top Pick. Klorane is an award winning brand that offers a variety of formulas to address your different concerns or style preferences.

For additional options, check out these other great picks...

Remember, dry shampoo is meant to be used sparingly and to refresh your hair and style. You should still regularly wash and condition your hair to maintain it's optimum health.

Happy Hairstyling!