Why You Should Book A Wedding Makeup Trial

You are planning the biggest day of your life and it is simultaneously so exciting and so stressful! Many ladies are unaware of the importance of having a trial for their wedding day makeup look. Here are a few key reasons why it is so highly recommended by both makeup artists and past brides. 

1) Your beauty team is going to be with you on your most special day. Are you compatible? Do you feel as though you are being listened to? Is your makeup artist offering professional advice or style suggestions? Are their makeup kit, brushes and supplies clean? Are you enjoying yourself? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. 

2) This is the opportunity to discover what you want. Maybe you have been looking at so many photos on Pinterest or Instagram and are confused. Maybe you have been looking at photos with an excessive amount of editing and filters. The key is to find a look that suits YOUR natural beauty and personal style. 

3) Your makeup artist will become familiar with your skin and preferences. This gives you an opportunity to receive advice on how to best treat your skin prior to your wedding day. You will also know what touchup products you will need. 

4) You want to be able to try everything in advance for wearability, sensitivity or preference. For instance, false lashes may be something you've never tried, here's a great time to test out style and get used to the initial funny feeling of wearing them. Make sure you give feedback to your makeup artist about your look.  

5) Peace of mind and confidence on your wedding day! No need to worry about how your makeup is going to look or wear throughout the day. 

Don't forget to plan dinner and drinks or a girls night out to further enjoy your special look!   


Packing Getaway Beauty Essentials

How many times have you traveled and packed WAY too much...you know, just in case? I have given this much thought as I am preparing for 11 days on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Our honeymoon is finally approaching and I have no interest in the complications of overpacking! Here are some tips to keeping your travel beauty case simple and light...

Before leaving, treat yourself to a few professional beauty treatments. Schedule a body waxing and brow shaping appointment 2-5 days prior to your trip. Next up, treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure the day before leaving. Consider your destination and planned wardrobe when choosing your nail shade. Last but not least, schedule a spray tan or apply self tanner for a touch of extra color. If you are traveling to a warmer climate during the winter months, you'll especially be glad you have that extra bit of color. 

Remember, the idea is to minimize and simplify your beauty case.  

Skin Care

Always pack your facial sunscreen, a gentle cleanser, a travel size pack of makeup wipes, moisturizer and lip balm. Check with your regular beauty salesperson, often times there are samples of skin care that you may take instead of your full size products.


Think multi-use here. NARS makes The Multiple sticks in a variety of colors, take one or two for lips, cheeks and eyes. A good tinted moisturizer and a foundation powder compact are must haves. Finish with mascara, eyeliner and your favorite lipstick. The only two brushes you really need to pack are powder and eyeliner brushes.


Hotels always have hairdryers, but take your flatiron. You can smooth, straighten and curl with it. Bring a few hair ties to pull your hair back when you want. As for product, take a travel size of your favorite styling product, heat protectant, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. It's easy to find travel sizes available for purchase. I also like to pick up leak-proof containers from The Container Store.


Pack a travel size deodorant, if you want. But seriously, you can pick up deodorant and body sunblock wherever you are traveling to. Hotels typically supply body wash and body lotion. The one thing I think you should not leave without is your favorite perfume. If you don't already have a purse-size spray or refillable atomizer, ask your regular fragrance specialist to give you a few samples for the trip.

Lastly, don't forget your sunglasses and hat, especially if you're heading somewhere with lots of sunshine.

Bon Voyage!




How to Prep for Your Spray Tan

Whether getting a spray tan or applying self tanner yourself at home, these tips will help prepare you for a longer lasting, more even tan.

Before Your Tan

  • For hair removal, shave the day before and wax 48 hours prior to your tan.

  • The previous night, apply a body moisturizer all over my maximum hydration.

  • Exfoliate to remove any dead skin for a more even color.

  • Be sure to have completely clean skin, no perfumes, deodorant, makeup or lotions.

  • Apply lip balm to prevent color to lips.

  • Schedule your manicure or pedicure before your tanning session.

After Your Tan

  • Wear loose fitting, dark clothes.

  • Do not get wet or sweaty. Sorry, no swimming or gym time until after you've showered.

  • Allow your tan to develop as directed. It is not recommended to exceed the time instructed.

  • Use daily moisturizer or a tan extender lotion for a longer lasting tan.

  • Avoid harsh soaps and body scrubs.

  • After showering, pat dry with your towel.

Happy Safe Tanning!

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10 Tips for a Polished Look in 5 Minutes

We all have those days that we want just a few more minutes of our beauty sleep.  Here is a list of 10 tips to look polished in 5 minutes.


Choose a tinted moisturizer with a SPF 30 or higher.  It should match your skin to even out discoloration.  I prefer to use one that also has additional skincare benefits, such as NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer.


This product is a quick pick-me-up.  Apply to any blemishes, lightly around your mouth, the corners of your nose, under your eyes and my favorite spot...under your eyebrows.  Applying here will disguise unwanted regrowth and give a lifted, defined look to your brows.  My go-to concealer is Cle de Peau, an award winning multi-use concealer.


Gel eyeliner is a staple for your makeup collection.  It can be used for so many looks.  For the 5 minute look, naturally, we are not going to try to attempt a winged eyeliner style.  This is the time for using your flat eyeliner brush and simply pushing a touch of the gel liner into your lash line.  Quickly, this gives you definition and the illusion of fuller lashes.  A fail-proof pair?  Bobbi Brown Gel Liner and MAC Brush #212


This is the time to reach for your black, full volume mascara.  A good coat or two on the top lashes is all you need.  Make sure you start from the base of your lashes, wiggle the wand slightly as you continue to apply in an upward motion to the tips of your lashes.  This motion will give you maximum volume and encourage a curl, opening up your eyes.  Try Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils


Brow gel is perfect for taming overgrown hairs for a more sculpted brow look.  It will hold your brows in place throughout the day easily giving them a more defined look.  If your brow hair does not match your hair or you have very fair brow hair, choose a tinted brow gel.  For a formula that includes ingredients for healthier hair and available in a variety of shades, try Anastasia Beverly Hills.


I know, I know...why "or"??  Because this is the 5 minute look!  My recommendation is to choose whichever feels right to you.  If you're feeling a bit washed out, go for the bronzer.  If you want a radiant glow, reach for your highlighter.  Keep it simple.  Bronzer applied lightly to your forehead and cheeks.  If your neck tends to be a bit lighter than your face, apply it there as well for a more even look.  If you opt for highlighter, apply to the inner corners of your eyes and on the top edge of your cheekbones, applying in an upward motion towards your hairline.  I love the options of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Collection. 


Think a subtle pop of color.  Apply a small amount to the apples of your cheeks.  For a soft and easy-to-blend blush with a beautiful color range, try Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush.  


Remember this is 5 minutes, lipstick only.  So we can cheat a bit here and go for a fat lipstick pencil.  Choose for a creamy formula with a complimentary pop of color.  My personal favorite is NARS Matte Velvet Lip Pencils.


This product is such a time saver.  Dry shampoo is used to absorb oils in the hair, creating more volume.  A classic favorite is Klorane Dry Shampoo


This is a fun tip to complete your look.  Choose a pair of earrings to coordinate with your lip and cheek color or a pair that makes your eye color pop.  If you haven't already, check out Kendra Scott.  I can not seem to keep myself from these gorgeous styles and colors. 

I know it's only a few minutes, but how we feel when we walk out the door sets the tone for our day.  I hope you enjoy these tips and have a wonderful day!

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Dream Weddings Featured Wedding

Amanda and Philip

I had the honor of working with Amanda on her very special big day.  She was absolutely a stunning bride and their beautiful wedding was featured in Dream Weddings.  You can certainly feel the love just looking at their photos.  

Photo Credits: Epic Photography

To see the complete Dream Weddings feature...


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Style Me Pretty Featured Wedding

Laura & John

This is a couple I hold an extra special place for in my heart.  I first met Laura in 2010.  At the time, I was living and working in NYC.  Laura was so sweet...and so pretty!  I became the makeup artist that Laura would turn to when she wanted something new or different.  We had so much fun working together!  Over time and many fun makeup sessions, we got to know one another better and better.  And let me tell you, Laura is an absolute sweetheart and she has such a kind, compassionate spirit.  We would talk about work, family, fashion, makeup...all good things.  I remember when she first starting seeing John.  She just lit up talking about him.  So you have to imagine when she reached out to me when they got engaged, I was beyond happy for them.  She also asked me at that time if I would be able to do her makeup for their wedding day.  Words can not express how I feel when something like this happens.  I am always honored to be the person a bride chooses to be her wedding day makeup artist.  Then every so often, it's for a bride that you have known since before the groom and know how perfect they are for one another.  Truly, this was a very special day to me as well.  Each time I watch their video, I cry tears of joy.  Their video captures so much love and joy within their families.  You can see from their photos what a beautiful couple they are and what a gorgeous wedding they had.  What an honor to be a small part in their very special Wedding Day!  

Photo Credits: Bia Sampaio Photography

For the bride's story, more photos and a list of vendors, please visit...


Choosing Your Wedding Day Makeup Look

Congratulations!  You are now engaged!  Your mind is probably spinning with so many ideas and questions about the details of your Big Day.  I have created a simple guide to help you with choosing your Wedding Day makeup look.  I regularly meet with brides-to-be for makeup consultations and trials.  I find that ladies sometimes know exactly what they want.  While others think they know, but need to see the look on themselves to be sure.  Then there are the ladies who have no idea where to start.  This guide is for everyone and is easy to follow.   

 Photo Credit: AGP Collective

Photo Credit: AGP Collective

Where to begin...There are a few key factors to know first.

Where are you getting married?  The location of your wedding and the time of day is very important in choosing your makeup look.  Are you getting married in a garden at 1:00 pm or in a cathedral at 6:00 pm?  For instance, a garden-style wedding usually has a softer, more romantic overall theme.  Direct natural sunlight in a garden-style wedding also intensifies the look of your makeup.  While a cathedral wedding tends to lean towards a classic, more glamorous style theme.

The season in which you get married may also influence your makeup look.  The season may help determine the flowers you choose as well as the color of your bridesmaids' dresses.  You want your makeup to complement you personally as well as the hues, tones and textures in your wedding.

The next step is to consider the style of your dress.  There are so many gorgeous styles available.  It is important that your hair and makeup work with the style of your dress to complete your look on your Big Day.  

Next is to choose photo inspiration.  

I always ask ladies to show me photos of themselves.  It helps me understand what makeup styles they feel their best while wearing.  I also recommend choosing photos of inspiration you may find online.  Photos are imperative because they create a visual reference.   For example, your idea of a smoky eye could be quite different from my idea.  A photo provides that visual reference so you can properly communicate your preferences and ideas.  There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing your photos.  First, search for photos with similar coloring and facial features to your own.  Also, you want to remember that most photos have been "enhanced" with photo editing, lighting and filters.  It is important that you look beautiful in your photos and equally beautiful in person.  Keep true to your personal style and be careful of following trends.  This is going to be one the most special days of your entire life.  You should always be able to look at your photos and feel the joy and love all over again.  You don't want to later feel any disappointment for having worn a look that simply just wasn't you or is completely dated and out of style. 

Final Touches

I highly recommend you schedule a consultation and trial for your makeup look.  Of course, you want to see the finished look but also how it wears throughout the day or night, how your skin feels and reacts and how your look photographs.  

This whole process should be enjoyable, fun and exciting!