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10 Foods for a Wedding Day Glow

As a bridal makeup artist, my goal is to enhance each of my bride's natural beauty and joyful glow on her wedding day. Of course there are many tricks and techniques with makeup and day-of skin prep that I am able to use for a glowing complexion. There are also many skin care tips I share along the way to prepare for skin that is in it's best condition. In addition, there are several healthy practices to enhance this beautiful, bridal glow. Here is my pick of top 10 foods to eat for a healthy, wedding day glow...


Tomatoes help boost collagen, are rich in Vitamin A, C and K as well as lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant. 



Green Tea is loaded with polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants. Drinking green tea regularly is also known to help reverse sun damage. Be sure not to limit consumption, it also contains caffeine which can ultimately dehydrate your skin. 



Berries are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Anthrocyanin, an anti-oxidant that helps fight damage from free radicals and ellagic acid, which helps protect from sun damage and promotes collagen and elasticity are both present in berries. They also contain essential fatty acids which improve skin's hydration and reduce inflammation. 



Avocados are a great source of carotenoids which improve density, thickness, tone and overall general appearance. They also contain vitamins C and E and oleic acid which helps keep skin soft and hydrated. 



Carrots have vitamin C which helps plumpness and firmness of the skin. They are rich in beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A and helps with blemishes, pigmentation and oiliness.   



Leafy Greens such as kale and swiss chard are high in beta-carotene, helping to repair and renew skin for a healthy glow. Arugula also contains sulfur which supports collagen production. Spinach is also high in folate which helps with DNA repair. Leafy greens are also rich in vitamins A and C.


7) EGGS 

Eggs help to soften, firm and hydrate your skin. They help to protect skin from UV damage with lutein and zeaxanthin. Eggs have amino acids that help in generation of new cells. 



Almonds help to hydrate and soften the skin. They are high in vitamin E which helps prevent cell damage as well as damage from the sun. 



Citrus Fruits help with sun spots, uneven skin tone and enhancing a radiant glow while rejuvenating your skin from within. These fruits are high in vitamin C and contain vitamin B6, folate, potassium, lycopene, niacin, magnesium, thiamin and phytonutrients. 



Peppers are high in vitamins A, C and K. They help with blood circulation and fighting blemishes as well as fighting oxidative stress. 


These 10 foods are just a starting point for a healthy glow for all of us, not just a bride. It is incredible what a healthy, clean and well-balanced diet can do for our overall health and well-being. Have fun and be creative with your food, it's truly one of life's simple pleasures.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

There are a multitude of advantages when you choose a high end professional makeup artist. Below you will learn 5 top examples why you should hire a professional for your Wedding Day.

1. Someone you can absolutely count on for your big day. I often hear stories of the artist cancelling last minute on the bride. This does not happen with true professionals. In the very rare event of an emergency or unforeseen extreme circumstance, a professional will have a network of other artists to refer you to. 


2. Hygiene and Sanitation. A well-educated professional understands proper procedure and precautions of both. This factor is not something to compromise. Please do not underestimate the seriousness of this. 


3. Your makeup artist should understand lighting and how it effects your makeup. An experienced professional will prevent the unfortunate disappointment of makeup that looks harsh at your venue or mismatching your makeup causing a faux pas such as orange looking foundation. 

4. A well-trained understanding for what is appropriate in bridal makeup. Yes, it is important to look amazing in your photos but it is equally important to look your best while spending the entire day face-to-face with your family and friends. A highly skilled makeup artist understands how to provide you with a look that will photograph beautifully while still looking fresh and complimentary in person. 

5. Last but most definitely not least, a high end professional has a thoroughly stocked kit for all skin types, skin tonesand ethnicities. It is equally important to have a comprehensive understanding of how to provide the best service using proper shade selections and application.